Welcome To The Dark Side of the Moon!

21 Sep

Well, folks. I’ve decided to give this another go and make it bigger. I’ve done blogs and posts in the past, but this will be different.

I’m doing blogs whenever I feel something needs to be said. I’ll try to do one every week with some Facebook highlights and one a week In my “Famicom Spotlight”, where we will be taking a look at the Japanese NES and all of the cool shit that most people never saw or knew about.

I will also work this into my YouTube channel so you’ll get a unique experience of print and video never before attempted.

What you’re going to see might be risqué, controversial, and down right looney at times. But, there will also be those serious issues that need to be discussed. In other words, if you can take serious what should be serious and lighten up on the crazy or risqué stuff, you’ll enjoy what I bring to the table. I’m not Amanda Bynes crazy or anything and believe me, I’ll get to that and MUCH more, but I’m a performer.

I love to entertain and be goofy, so just strap yourselves in and get ready for a wild ride! My first official post will be in a few days as I’m currently overcoming yet ANOTHER sinus infection. So, I’ll see you all in a few days!


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