“What The Fuck Is This Shit?” and Other Questions Asked Of This Blog!

This is a blog that will have a little bit of everything. Entertainment, video gaming, sports, current events, you name it!

It will be goofy and risqué at some times, but it will be serious too. After all, we are people and those issues need to be addressed too.

I bring to the table a unique perspective where you won’t know where I begin or end, but in time, you’ll get used to it.

You’re going to love this blog once you understand it!

As for me, I live in the ‘hood, but I don’t rep it because I’ve got a better head on my shoulders that to represent something that isn’t really mine.

I’m a technician in electronics, home theater, and video. I am CHOCK FULL of pop culture and I might even pull things out sometimes that will make you go both “I remember that!” and “Damn! How the fuck does he remember this?” at the same time. For the record, I’m 26, so I consider myself the one of the last great members of our current generation.

I don’t want to say too much, as most of it will come out in these blogs. I rather you get to know me the experiences I share rather than some stupid biography like a conceited individual.

Oh and word to the wise, don’t try and type on this using an iPad. I’m about five seconds away from throwing this motherfucker across the room! It’s THAT bad!




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